Specialty of medecine dogs / cats

General medicine

General pet medicine covers all specialties. Like the treating doctor, we propose you to take charge of the sustainable monitoring and health care of your animals. Your pet is sick, injured or has suffered trauma from a fall or accident, do not wait to see a veterinarian. We receive you in consultation by appointment and welcome emergencies 24/24. We can also contact a specialist vet.

Preventive medicine

Preventive medicine is very important for us. Our approach takes into account the different aspects of petlife through hygiene advice in the broad sense (diet, activity …) to allow your animals to stay healthy. The annual health check is the key moment to practice preventive medicine (weight monitoring, vaccine protection, prevention against parasites, detection of chronic diseases …). Your veterinarian accompanies you every day making animal welfare a priority.


Our veterinarians practice daily veterinary surgery for your pets. Surgery of convenience (sterilization) is done by appointment, respecting the growth of your pet. We also practice soft tissue surgeries (sutures, mass excision, …) as well as some bone surgeries. Our surgery room is dedicated only to pets and is equipped with a gas anesthesia machine.


Because the cycle of life requires the greatest care, we propose to accompany you in the various stages of the reproduction of your pet. Ensuring the good health of the mother, we can ensure the follow-up from the conception phase (follow-up of ovulation, insemination …) then throughout the gestation (number of fetuses, vitality of the fetuses). In the case of difficult births, always favoring the health of the mother and her cubs, we can practice cesarean section.


Bringing you our expertise in pet nutrition is essential for us. We know that animal health needs a quality diet, adapted to its size, age and lifestyle. Whether your companion is a domestic carnivore or a small rodent, he needs a specific diet to cover his needs. Our entire team is here to advise you in the choice of the best food and also in the good daily gestures (quantity, number of meals, eating habits …)

Analytical laboratory

As part of a good health monitoring or in the screening and treatment of pathology, blood tests are valuable tools necessary for an early diagnosis and optimal care of your animal. We carry out directly at the clinic most of the analyzes (blood count, biochemistry, hormonal dosage …) in order to obtain results quickly. Our clinic is equipped with analyzers developed by the laboratory IDEXX, leader in the veterinary analyses. The most complex analyzes are entrusted to external laboratories which are trustworthy.

Medical imaging

Our clinic has powerful medical imaging equipment to perform x-rays and ultrasounds of your four-legged companions. Our veterinarians continue to train in different imaging techniques in order to always offer the best diagnosis. These techniques are useful in monitoring your pet’s good health as well as in the diagnosis of pathology or trauma. These acts are performed in strict compliance with safety standards, in a dedicated room. We work with Philips brand equipment, specialized in veterinary medical imaging.

Complementary medicine

Our veterinarians wish to provide you with the most comprehensive care possible for your animal health. We use “complementary” medicines such as osteopathy, homeopathy and herbal medicine.
Dr. DELOST offers osteopathic appointments to treat persistent locomotor problems or improve the comfort of your pet.

Dr. Savoye gives an important place to the natural medicines: homeopathy and phytotherapy. She uses them to prevent or to treat.


Your animals too can have teeth problems. We regularly perform dental care (scaling, dental extraction …) on your dogs, cats and rodents. This care is performed with appropriate equipment under general anesthetic and gas and are therefore painless for the animal.


Hospitalization is necessary during surgery or when your pet requires significant care. Our kennel, placed next to our treatment room, makes it easy to follow up the general condition of the hospitalized animal. Our specialized veterinary assistants monitor the patient under vet responsability. Dogs and cats have reserved areas which we maintain with the utmost care.

Veterinary accompanied driving

Aurélie, under the supervision of Dr AMIOT, offers a support service for new puppy owners. Adopting a pet is an important choice for both your family and your pet’s life. The owner has a role of primary education in the first weeks after the arrival of the puppy in the home. Through several sessions, we give you the keys to understand your pet’s behavior and establish a relationship of trust with him. This also allows the puppy to get used to the visit to the vet.