Un engagement fort au quotidien

The Monestoy veterinary clinic in Épinac highlights certain values ​​that seem essential to him. They reflect a professional commitment that is expressed in our medical practice and our customer relationship. On a daily basis, we try to act concretely in the respect of these values ​​to build the veterinary profession of tomorrow.


Humanity is for us synonymous with kindness, respect for oneself, others and the living in general. We are committed to establishing a special relationship with our customers and, above all, to ensuring the well-being and health of our patients. Empathy and listening guide our veterinary practice everyday but also the synergy of our team.


Our common professional motivation is the search for expertise. Each Monestoy Clinic vet develops a part of the veterinary medicine in order to make you benefit from the best quality of care. We put this technicality at the service of the prevention of the health of your animals, as well of company as of breeding. Our clinic is equipped with innovative equipment to offer a complete and effective technical platform.


To respect environment is a major issue for the future of the planet. We believe that everyone is concerned. Since every action counts, the Monestoy clinic has implemented eco-responsible modes of operation to reduce its ecological impact. Sorting and disposal of waste, reduction of electricity consumption, we are proud to see that our efforts have a measurable effect in our business. We try to spread this necessary awareness to our customers.


Through our medical choices and our actions, particularly within veterinary bodies, we seek to take into account the societal, environmental and economic challenges of tomorrow. We wish to become the partners of our rural clients, to support them in the necessary evolution of the agricultural world and the cattle industry. We believe in the benefits of preventive rather than curative medicine.


We want to build during trustrelationships with you. Our mission is to work for animal welfare and health. We strive to be always available and meet your needs, including a 24/7 emergency service. Our business is a real commitment to you because we are YOUR veterinarians.