Médecine vétérinaire équine

General Medicine and Preventive Medicine

The clinic ensures the health of your horses and your donkeys, thanks to the implementation of vaccination protocols, rigorous pest control and daily care advice. We also intervene in the treatment of common pathologies by moving home by appointment or in case of emergencies.


We carry out the castration of your horse, pony or donkey; for this intervention, we ask you to contact us in advance to plan the arrival of the vet in the best conditions. We carry out surgical acts of first intentions and we will address you to equine specialists in case of necessity (colic with surgical indication, fractures).


Our veterinarians accompany you in the breeding of your horses by offering an ultrasound follow-up (Follicular follow-up, ovulation control, diagnosis of early gestation). We advise you on first aid to foals.

Analytical laboratory

We carry out a few analyzes at the clinic for a better pathology management. Complex analyzes are outsourced to specialized laboratories. We then accompany you in the interpretation of the results obtained..

Medical imaging

The clinic aims to put the best equipment at your disposal to ensure the well-being and health of your animals. We will soon be equipped with a flat-panel, portable radiography device, to perform fracture diagnoses during our visits.

Complementary medicine

We put our expertise in complementary medicine at the service of equine medicine. Osteopathy sessions can be offered depending on the problems encountered. Homeopathy and herbal medicine are an integral part of equine care, both preventive and curative.


Our veterinarians perform horse dentistry, including wolf teeth extraction to give your horse a better bit contact. For optimal performance and welfare of the animal, the dental examination and associated care require a tranquilization that only a veterinarian is able to practice.