The Veterinary Clinic of Monestoy, its history and its premises

A half-century veterinary activity in Épinac

The first veterinarians from Epinac, whose activity we know of, settled here in the early 1960s.

Our clinic was created at 14 le Grand Chemin in the early 1980s. It opened its doors on July 1, 1984 exactly, at the initiative of Doctors Mazan, Desanlis, Courouble and Laurent. At the time of its creation, the cabinet has a certain modernity with a consultation room, a surgery room, a reception, a pharmacy, a radio room, a kennel, an office and a job for cattle. Veterinarians hire their first assistant to provide a wider hourly welcome and relieve their wives who were often called upon.

Premises adapted to the reception of your pets (and breeding)

Our premises as you know them today are the result of two series of enlargements. In 1998, the creation of a second consultation room allowed us to develop our dog activity. In 2012, a new enlargement of the structure allows the building to be modernized. A spacious reception with two distinct spaces (canine and rural) is born as well as two laboratories. We recently added the right dose of fun to our clinic with our mascot, our psychedelic cow, who provides a welcoming committee and an original landmark to find our clinic.

Equipment Gallery of the Monestoy Clinic

A dynamic team at your service

The first member of the current team to join the clinic is Dr. Arnaud Bohy in 1985, replacing Dr. Mazan. He was joined by five other fellow associates who make up our current team. Dr. Edouard Grosbois, our vet veteran at heart, joined the clinic in 2001, after an experience abroad and in the DOM, and became a partner two years later. Dr. Jocelyn Amiot, is the most local member of the team. He joined the clinic at the end of his studies and decided to pursue his career at Epinac by becoming a partner in 2006. Dr. Nancy Savoye feminized our clinic in 2007 and gave her an opening on homeopathic medicine. She became a partner in 2010. Dr. Delost and Dr. Girard completed our team of associates in 2014 and 2015. Dr. Delost has been developing an osteopathic service within our clinic since 2014.

On a daily basis, they are also a collaborating veterinarian, a salaried veterinarian and a team of dynamic ASV who are at your disposal to provide the best care for your animals.

The clinic’s approach is a holistic approach to animal health and welfare. We place an emphasis on teamwork and cohesion among our members.